MacBook Pro (13-inch, M1) vs. Dell XPS 13: Premium laptop showdown

Prepare for a serious brawl. For this premium laptop face-off, we have two of the most dominant flagship laptops going head-to-head. In one corner, we have the Dell XPS 13, a slim stunner that has perennially sat at the top of our best laptops list for its great blend of performance, portability and endurance. Plus, the company continues to tweak the design and it makes a big difference. The latest iteration of the laptop made the jump to Intel’s 11th Gen Tiger Lake processor, which offers better performance, longer battery life, and with Iris Xe graphics, better gaming performance. 

In the opposing corner is the MacBook Pro 13-inch. Another laptop that constantly sits on many of our best lists, including best 13-inch laptops, the Pro is often our most recommended MacBook. It’s a portable powerhouse with a design that’s become synonymous with computing. The newest version of the laptop sports Apple’s highly anticipated M1 chip that has given rise to previously unimaginable performance results, including over 16 hours of battery life. 


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